Email Templates

Email Templates

Location: Settings > Email

You have 2 types of email
  1. Meeting Summary
  2. Meeting Preparation

With the + button you can add a new template
If there is no default template when you add a new template, it will automatically add the default template.

Subject: Subject of the email.
Search user: Select the user for who the email template is. If there is no default template, this is disabled.
Content: Email content of the mail.

In the list you have some extra options:
  1.  Edit template
  2.  Duplicate template
  3.  Delete template (Not available for the default template)
Both mails have some variables that you are able to use:

Meeting Summary

  1. $$contactFirstname$$
  2. $$organizerFirstname$$
  3. $$organizerLastname$$
  4. $$meetingTitle$$

Meeting Preparation

  1. $$externalMeetingUrl$$
  2. $$organizerFirstname$$
  3. $$organizerLastname$$
  4. $$meetingTitle$$
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