Location: Settings > Organisation

These settings are general settings for your organisation.
You have 3 tabs:
  1. General
  2. Summary PDF Settings
  3. Users


Title: Name of the organisation
Quick Call Type: The type of meeting that is a quick call. You can start a quick call in the assistant.

Summary PDF Settings

Hide Title: Hide the main title of the document.
Hide Questions: Hide questions for each question (only show answers)
Show Textblocks: Show text blocks instead of answers
Hide Attendees: Do not show attendees on the summary
Hide Summary Title: Hide the subtitle called "Summary"
Attachments Default added to Summary Email: Add attachments as files in the summary email.

Logo: Logo of the organisation. This will be placed in the right corner of the first page
Stretch Logo: Stretch the logo over the entire page at the top of the first page

Background Document Primary Color: Primary color for the summary document. Used for title bars background color.
Background Document Secondary Color: Secondary color for the summary document. Used for theme title bars background color.

Text Color Title: Color for the title of the summary.
Text Color Sub Title Primary: Color for the title bars of the summary. Should match the Background Document Primary Color
Text Color Sub Title Secondary: Color for the theme title bars of the summary. Should match the Background Document Secondary Color
Text Color Main Information Titles: Color for the information title of the summary. e.g. Questions, Notes, ... Set this to white if you don't need these dividers.
Text Color General Text: Main color for text on the summary.

Users contains a user list of the organisation.
You can edit the user's information with the  button.

First Name: First name of the user.
Last Name: Last name of the user.
Email: Email of the user. This email is used to login.
Language: Language the user speaks
Profile Image: Profile image that is shown when the user is logged in.

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