Location: Settings > Questions

In the top right corner you have 2 buttons:
  1. Sort Questions
  2. Add new Question

Add new Question

When you add a completely new question you will be asked the following:
  1. Theme (Only for root questions)
    1. Theme: In which Theme it belongs
  2. Question
    1. Title: The question itself
    2. Description: helpful note about the question for the user
    3. Important Question: Important questions will notify the user if he still has open questions
    4. Allow Comments: If you allow users to add extra comments with the answer
  3. Type
    1. Date: Question that needs a date as an answer
    2. Free text: Free text answer
    3. Multiple choice - numeric: Multiple choice with number options
    4. Multiple choice - text: Multiple choice with text options
    5. Numeric - decimal: Answer with possibility of decimal numbers
    6. Numeric - integer: Answer without the possiblity of decimal numbers
    7. Range: A value between 2 preset values
    8. Yes/No: Yes or No question
  4. Extra Options
    1. Multiple choice - text: Multiple Answers - When there are multiple answers possible
    2. Multiple choice - text + Multiple Answers: Text Block per Answer - Each answer has it's own text block instead of a single text block for all the answers
  5. Possible Answers
    1. Insert the possible answers to the question (depending on the type of question this might be optional)
    2. Here you can also see your disabled answers.
    3. You can disable/enable answers with the disable/enable button
  6. Summary Answer Text (Only needed if you are using text blocks, see Organisation Settings for more information)
    1. The text that will be shown instead of the answer
    2. You can use the variable "$$value$$" to add the chosen answer to the text block
      1. If there are multiple answers and only one text block, this will show a list

Sort Questions

This opens a dialog which you can use to divide Questions per Theme into Groups.
You can add a group by pressing the  button.
Here you can choose the title and description of the group, as well as the position. This will be the order During the meeting.
You can still edit and delete the group with the   and buttons.
When you have  created your groups, you can drag the questions from one group to another and sort them in order.


In the main screen questions are divided in tabs of the Themes you created.
White Blocks are Questions.
Blue Blocks are Answers.


  1.  Edit the Question. This is the same as the Add New Question
  2.  Disable the Question. Questions are never removed, only disabled.


  1.  Add a follow-up ​Question. This is the same as the Add New Question

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