Welcome to SalesNote! - The first steps

Welcome to SalesNote! - The first steps

This article will help you to set-up SalesNote for the first time.
Watch the following video or follow the steps below.

Step 1 - Themes

Themes are topics that you want to talk about during a conversation.
Each theme contains series of questions for your conversation.
You can make themes available both internally and externally.

Location: Settings > Themes

Learn more about themes: Theme Management

Step 2 - Questions

Create questions for each theme.
For each theme you have several tree structures with question/answers that always follow each other.

Location: Settings > Questions

Learn more about questions: Questions

Step 3 - Meeting Types

Create some types of conversations you may encounter.
e.g. an intake interview, a closing meeting, ...

Location: Settings > Meetings

Learn more about conversation types: Meeting Types

Step 3.1 - Default Tasks

You have now created your different types of conversations, now you can provide standard preparation and follow-up tasks for each type.
For each task you can set how much before or after a meeting it should be. This always takes the starting moment of the meeting.

Location: Settings > Meetings

Learn more about tasks: Tasks

Step 3.2 - Default Themes

After creating the tasks, we suggest you select some themes that will always come up during this type of meeting.

Location: Settings > Meetings

Learn more about tasks: Themes

Step 3.3 - Default Media

Finally we will add some default media that will be available during your meeting.
You may also set the default External Video this way.

Location: Settings > Meetings

Learn more about tasks: Media

Step 4 - Email Templates

Create email templates for both preparation mail and report mail
We recommend that you use the title of the meeting as the subject. This can be done with the variable $$meetingTitle$$.
Below is an example of what these emails might look like.

Preparation mail:

In the following link you will find more information about the appointment '$$meetingTitle$$'


On this page you can find a video, as well as the topics that will be discussed. If anything is unclear, feel free to let us know!

Kind regards
$$organizerFirstname$$ $$organizerLastname$$

Report email:

Thanks for our meeting

Attached you can find the report of what we have discussed.

Kind regards

$$organizerFirstname$$ $$organizerLastname$$

Location: Settings > Email

Learn more about email templates: Email Templates

After setting up SalesNote you can use it for you first meeting - Learn how: The first meeting (after setting everything up)